Audit finds significant deficiencies at DPI

On Wednesday, April 29th, North Carolina State Auditor Beth Wood, released the State of North Carolina Single Audit Report. It reflected poorly on the Department of Public Instruction as led by State Superintendent Mark Johnson.

Based on my count while reading the audit, there were seven mentions of Significant Deficiency. There were also three mentions of Material Weakness. These all have to do with internal control weaknesses.

The most common reason given to try to explain away these issues? Staff turnover. In my experience staff turnover, especially to a degree that it impacts performance, is not an issue with solid leadership. These 10 mentions were solely about DPI complying with (generally) federal programs.

Then, there is the Category of Noncompliance Findings.

Here, we find three mentions of Material Noncompliance. This is accompanied by one Questioned Cost Finding in the staggering amount of $18,299,643.

The NC State Board of Education which has sparred with Johnson throughout his entire tenure responded in a statement saying, in part, “The Board is disappointed by the number of Findings and the concerns raised by those Findings.”

This should truly not come as a surprise to anyone who has paid attention to Johnson’s “leadership” as State Superintendent. The release of the audit was followed up today by Johnson’s announcement that his “Schools Reopening Task Force” would not have any current teachers on it and that he seems ready to ignore teachers on procuring a new K-3 reading test, again.

2021 cannot come soon enough.

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