Welcome to the Danger Zone

NCGA Edition


Pro-Trump, Anti-Science. No, I’m not talking about the ReOpenNC protesters who were in Raleigh again this morning, but the Republican led North Carolina General Assembly gaveled into session today to address the beginning of North Carolina’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Before we go any further, I am going to do something I might regret later. I want to give kudos to House Republicans who when formulating their proposals seemed to sincerely incorporate input from House Democrats, appointing Democrats as co-chairs, and at one point even allowing a Democrat, Rep Ashton Clemmons, to lead one of the sessions.

Now, enter the Senate and Phil Berger. What a story of two different chambers.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit North Carolina, we have not heard much of anything from Senator Berger. While, the House was having transparent, live-streamed, committee meetings… the Senate was doing… well, no one really knows what the Senate was doing but, today they did release their proposed bill. And phew, is it a doozy.

To start off, both Stu Egan over at Caffeinate Rage and Justin Parmenter over at Notes From the Chalkboard have discussed the obscene suggestion that growth will be equal in this remote learning setting as it would if we were having in-person classes.

Now, I’m not going to recycle their words, but I highly recommend you click on the two links above to read what Stu and Justin said. It’s unreasonable for the Senate to suggest this.

I wish that was all, but there’s more garbage in the Senate proposal.

There’s also this piece,

Within the first two weeks of returning to in-person instruction from the traumatic experience that has been COVID-19, the NCGA wants our elementary school students to go through high-stakes testing. It is important to note that this specific piece is in the House bill as well.

After at least 5 months without in-person instruction, the NCGA wants our elementary school students to have to take tests.

Are any of us truly surprised?

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