Privatizers nervous after NCAE elections

Well that didn’t take long. North Carolina privatizers are already scared of the new NCAE leadership. Here’s the disgraced former executive director of the North Carolina Republican Party.

Killing teacher raises.. huh. Woodhouse here conveniently leaves out that the “raises” that the NCGOP were offering were miniscule. That the 3.9% raise that they were talking about was over TWO years. That even the number of 3.9% was a nice math trick as it included the step raise that was already baked into the salary schedule.

Not sure where Woodhouse gets his 5% of teachers number here. I seem to remember the privatizers pointing to payroll deduction numbers at some point. That is disingenuous as most teachers do not use payroll deductions, a legacy of when Woodhouse’s North Carolina Republican Party made attempts to remove that ability. Woodhouse’s claim of a 5% raise for all teachers is certifiably false. First, it’s rounding up from 4.9%, second that was reliant on the General Assembly overriding Governor Roy Cooper’s veto. A bribe. Then there is the sticky fact that large swaths of teachers in North Carolina would not have received a raise. As a BT3 this year, I would have received a raise of 0.0%. I’m not alone. In fact, anyone who had been teaching between 0-15 years would not have received a pay raise.

You would think that the former Executive Director of the Republican Party of all people would recognize that everything is political. Teaching is political. A well-educated populace is political. Teaching future generations to carefully analyze sources is political.

Since the racist, whitelash response to the election of President Barack Obama led to their take over of the General Assembly and Governor’s Mansion, North Carolina Republicans have done everything in their power to demonize and destroy public education in the state. The expansion of charter schools and voucher programs has led to the acceleration of segregation in our society. Through racial gerrymandering, they have attempted to bake in their majorities and isolate the populace that would throw them out of office, preventing pro-public education candidates from being elected.

Keeping Governor Roy Cooper in the Governor’s Mansion and flipping the North Carolina General Assembly would lead to sustained change in our state and very positive changes for NCAE members.

Accomplishing this would all but assuredly lead to our ESPs across the state earning the $15 minimum wage that all other state workers earn. I imagine that it would lead to the implementing of the recommendations put forth by the Leandro Report put out earlier this year to fully, equitably fund public education. Electing pro-public education candidates would even potentially lead to a new cap on charter schools, which would hamper the attempt of privatizers to destroy out public schools.

Maybe if I was Woodhouse I would be scared too. What you’re seeing in NCAE is a true grassroots movement of community organizing. Not the astroturfing that led to the Tea Party movement in 2008, or the far right ReOpenNC movement now.

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