Teachers at Risk: Youngsville Academy

Youngsville Academy is forcing teachers to go back to work during the Coronavirus pandemic.

4/8 Update: According to WRAL, a teacher who spoke out has been put on leave. It is doubtful that this is the last we have heard of this story.

Well that did not take long. Leave it to a charter school to be forcing its staff to be going back during a pandemic. The culprit? Youngsville Academy, located in Youngsville, Franklin County, North Carolina is forcing their teachers to go into school on Thursday, April 9th to begin online teaching. Yes, you read that correctly.

Despite the Governor Roy Cooper consistently telling people to stay home if they are able, the educators at Youngsville Academy are being forced to choose between their job or their life. According to the WRAL report, educators without childcare are being told to bring their children.

What part of social distancing do they not understand? They are apparently taking temperatures before people enter, which sounds good in theory. The reality is that approximately 50% of all people with COVID-19 are asymptomatic.

Teachers lives are being put at risk. Why? I’d say ask the leaders over at Youngsville Academy but they refused to answer questions from WRAL.

I’d be surprised about something like this.. but should we really be surprised? This is just another example of ills that charter schools are inflicting on society.

Oh, and the demographics? Youngsville Academy is another charter school that is exacerbating school segregation. 85% of their students are white. Youngsville Elementary School, just down the street? 52% white.

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