Bill put forth in the NCGA is another slap in the face to North Carolina educators

Another day, another screw you by the legislature in Raleigh. The always brilliant NCGA has decided in their infinite wisdom to give public school workers in North Carolina a raise. Not one penny.

Many of you probably know what this means, but let me break it down for you just in case.
– This means that the starting salary will be staying at $35,000.
– This means that veteran educators still do not even get a step raise.
– This means the pay scale still tops out at $52,000.
– This means still no advanced pay for an advanced degree
– This means our ESPs still will not earn $15 per hour like other state employees.
– This means the statewide bus driver shortage will continue.

I’m angry. You should be as well.

The question is, what are you going to do about it?

One thought on “NO RAISE”

  1. This is so disheartening… I love teaching, but I do not love having to work 2-3 jobs
    as a single woman just to survive on a teacher salary… I continue to use hundreds of dollars of my own money a year to purchase materials not provided by the school system. I do this to ensure the best education possible for my students. Each year NC continues to devalue the hard work teachers are doing. We were finally looking forward to a raise, and now that has been taken from us… As a seasoned teacher, I fear for the shortage of teachers . Why would anyone want to to work so hard for so little? Those of you in Raleigh gave forgotten, that without good teachers, none of you would be where you are today… We need everyone to support their local teachers and let the GA know that this insanity has to stop… Pray that things will change, NC teachers deserve better…


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